This film has potential to create a strong impact for millions of people. With your support, we can complete it to the level of quality that it deserves.



While grants and sponsorships (currently in pursuit) are critical, your individual financial support means the most because it tells us that real people want to see this film made.


Any amount makes a difference. Truly. With your support, we can partner with people like Colette Ghunim, a fellow documentary filmmaker to help edit the film. Her previous work includes The People's Girls, an award-winning documentary short.


Financial support would also go toward final travel, other post-production professionals, distribution, and film festival submissions.


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Donations are tax-deductible through our fiscal sponsor IFP Chicago. This is not an IFP Chicago project/program




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We are looking for partner organizations to help us make a bigger impact. Whether it’s through promotional support, financial support or screenings, we are open to all collaborations. We’re a creative bunch, so even if you’re not sure how you envision partnering, we’re good at coming up with fun ideas that benefit everyone. Let’s put our heads together.


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