Through the process of tracing the path of human hair - from women in India sacrificing their hair for the gods to young women in America experiencing hair loss - the three sisters behind this film unfurl deeper questions about the human social experience. We are forced to ask ourselves what we are hiding about ourselves for the simple hope of “fitting in”. And how far would we go to keep it under wraps.


Individuals with stigmatized physical differences, like hairloss, sacrifice a lot to cover it up. The women in the film show how hair plays an integral part of our identity and how losing it has a devastating impact on emotional wellbeing, personal relationships, and social interactions.


Wigs help some women, but the very act of covering up, ironically, leads to deeper feelings of isolation. On top of their internal silent struggle, they must also navigate an unregulated multi-billion-dollar hair industry and unsympathetic medical and insurance fields. Fortunately, these women and other professionals are forging new paths to address these prevalent issues.


In making this film, Andrea, the Director and youngest of the three-sister team, is compelled to reflect on her own identity and decide if it’s worth revealing her “true” self. By remaining purely an observer behind the camera, she perpetuates this “act” she plays everyday. But the fear of cultural isolation from uncovering is undeniable.


The resiliency of these women inspire hope and empathy for those who are “other”.


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Amelia Street Studio is a boutique creative agency founded by three sisters. We specialize in branding, websites, design and video.


We love helping businesses find the golden nugget of an idea that makes people come back for more again and again. We are experts at boiling down all the reasons-to-believe into one compelling idea and turning that into a visually stunning piece. This creative process has helped us craft the compelling story for this documentary.


We embarked on the Head to Head film as a passion project that was inspired by one of our clients, Margot. We are motivated to pursue this film through our passion for the topic and the women we have met through the process.


Director/Cinematographer: Andrea Alberti

Executive Producer: Katy Osborn

Art Director/Associate Producer: Jenny Boehme

Editors: Mimi Wilcox, Andrea Alberti

Assistant Editor: Elodie Edjang

Impact Producer: Josie Davis

Production/Impact Assistant: Tamarra Thomas

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